They're not the same

Stuff copy/pasted from the youtube channel 83

CP=Crazy People [Idea from V]
We are actually three. 8D
BG by Z. Promotion by M.


This channel basically exsists because of all the
hate press Percy Jackson and the Olympians is getting.
We've read several articles on the subject of the upcoming movie and EVERY single one of them compares it to Harry Potter and they all mention that Percy Jackson is ripping off HP.
In reality, THEY'RE NOT THE SAME! These people are making accusations based off the movie trailer and the book covers.
Really if you were going to say stuff about it at least read the books first.

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Ignorance-Paramore [11/25/09]
3-Britney Spears [12/13/09]
Kiss yur BF Remix [Coming Soon]
Disco-mmunication [Coming Soon]
All about us-Tatu [Coming soon]
Simple and Clean-Utada Hikaru [Coming Soon]